Qualified and Committed Private Tutors in Singapore

According to a recent Straits Time survey, Singapore parents are spending 10 to 15 times more than the amount they are paying for school fees, on private tuition. This is perhaps due to the fact that parents want to provide the best possible education for their children. Since parents and students have virtually no control over the choice of their school teachers, parents and students have to turn to private tuition as a means to supplement the education the students are already having at school. Choosing a private tutor may be a daunting task, and so how do we go about finding the right tutors from a tuition agency? Some qualities of a tutor to look out for:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of a Subject
    A good tutor should be able to help solve many of the problems encountered by a student when doing homework. The tutor should also be able to impart his knowledge and problem-solving skills effectively to the student, and help him understand certain topics or problems. This is especially crucial in subjects that require much logical thinking like Maths and Physics.

  • Experience
    Another way to determine whether a tutor is competent enough is to find out how experienced he or she is. There is a saying that "Practice makes perfect" and there is certainly truth in this statement. A tutor who has taught a subject for a long time will most likely teach better. So how do we do that? Parents can observe the tuition lesson and the manners and behavior of the tutor. From the way the tutor speaks, parents can roughly gauge whether the tutor is confident enough to deliver a proper lesson. Also, observe whether the tutor is nervous or calm.

  • Teaching Methods
    More often than not in the area of Maths, nothing is more useful than a diagram well drawn and explained. Not presenting steps and solutions in a clear, concise manner only leads to more confusion from the student. A tutor may know how to solve a problem, but to effectively present the solution in a clear manner to the student, demands skills that not every tutor has. Furthermore, a tutor who is not very sure about the solution may have to "lie" his way through, introducing unnecessary steps that complicate matters more. Parents are paying for quality service, not someone who beats around the bush and arrives at the conclusion that the child is not smart enough. A qualified tutor should practise good teaching techniques. However, it takes two hands to clap. No matter how good a tutor is, if a student cannot get used to the tutor's teaching methods, all efforts will come to nought. It is therefore more important to find tutors whose ways of teaching are acceptable to the student.

  • Education Background and Qualifications
    Tutors who have studied before the same subjects and have gone through similar examinations, have probably more to share with their students. If a tutor had excelled before in similar examinations, such as the A-Level, that his student is going to sit through, valuable tips and strategies can be passed on to the student. Success breeds success and there are certainly tonnes of examination tips and techniques the tutor can share. While having good grades is an important criteria in looking for a suitable tutor, one should not neglect the fact whether a tutor can teach well or not. Good grades and the ability to teach well do not always come together.

  • Commitment
    It is best to employ a committed tutor or one who knows how to manage his time well. Not only that, a tutor should show care and concern towards his students' performance at school and especially so during the examination period. Usually in such a period, students will be very stressful and a good tutor should provide moral support and guidance. It would be even better if the tutor can help his students to destress.

Now that we have enlightened you with some of the things to look out for when choosing a tutor, finding a good private tutor in Singapore is no longer a headache. You may now search for tutors or request for a tutor from us. We will assist you in finding suitable tutors for your child.