How much do I have to pay for the service ?
There is a one time commission charge of 50% of the monthly tuition fee. There will be no additional charge imposed on the parents.
When and how do I make payment ?
You need not make payment. The commission will be deducted from your first month’s tuition fees .
What is the minimum qualification required?
You need to have at least an N Level or a Diploma qualification to register as a Tutor with us.
Do I have to pay to register with
No, registration is free and commission will only be charged upon successful matching of a student to you.
Do I have to send in my certificates as a proof of my qualification?
There is no need to send in any hardcopy but you are encouraged to produce a photocopy of your certification on the first tuition class which is to be passed to the parent.
How does the matching work?
When we receive a tutor request from parents, we will match their request based on the subject and level of tuition and their location to our database of tutors. We will send out  Email/sms alerts to our tutors. Your speedy response is appreciated as you then have higher chances of securing the tuition assignment.
What is expected on the first lesson?
- Firstly, please get the location right and be there on time.
- In case of any emergency, you can contact us or call the parents directly whose numbers you would already have stored in your phone.
- Bring along your Identification Card and a copy of your certificates for verification purposes with the parents.
- Start on the Goal Setting process with your student!
What will happen if I terminate the tuition assignment within the first month?
You are strongly encouraged not to do so, as it will affect your credibility as a tutor.. In the event that it does happen, you will not receive any payment for your services. We will match another tutor to the student.
When and how do I conduct the Goal Setting Exercise? What is the rationale behind?
The Goal Setting Exercise is to be conducted on the first lesson. You may take 10-30mins for the exercise. On subsequent lessons, you are encouraged to spend about 5mins to refresh the memory of your student on the goals he has set and enforce his commitment to those goals.
How do I contribute study tips to be published?
You are encouraged to post them in our article page or send them to our email. If we find them really useful, we will definitely publish them on our website under your name.
How do I verify the qualification of my tutor?
To provide you with the confidence in the ability of the tutor assigned to your child, we get tutors to make a photocopy of their certificates for your verification on the first lesson. Should this not be done, please inform us and we will take the appropriate action. In the case of the tutor's qualification being inaccurate, please contact us without hesitation. We will determine the cause and if it is a deliberate fraud, we will get you a new tutor and the first lesson given by the previous tutor will be free of charge.
How do I request for a tutor online?
You may fill up the Tutor Request Form under “Parents” at our website. You may also contact us by telephone.
How do I request for a tutor via phone?
Call us to speak to our friendly coordinator. We will ask you for the following information and do the matching for you.

i) Name of Student
ii) Tutoring subject and level
iii) Once or Twice a week, hours per lesson
iv) Preference for Undergrad, Graduate or Teacher*
v) Preferred Tuition days/time
vi) Preference for female tutor?
vii) Quote and decide price
viii) Address, which MRT station is close-by
ix) Your Email address?
What is the arrangement with regard to payment?
Our Tuition Agency will bill you for the first half month with payment instructions. Subsequent months will be paid directly to the tutor.
What if I wish to have the tutor changed after the first lesson?
We would like to know in which way the arrangement was unsatisfactory and make a change according to your requirements. You will be informed when a replacement is found.
How does the Goal Setting Exercise benefit my child's academic development?
The Goal Setting Exercise seeks to map out the Academic goals and Ambitions of your child and find out what are the driving forces behind these ambitions that your child has. Our tutors will facilitate the process and help reinforce the motivation of your child in the worthy goals and guide him towards achieving it.
What is the study tips newsletter? How and how often will I receive it?
The Study Tips newsletter is a quarterly compilation of the study tips and success stories of our tutors in their tutoring experiences. We want to share their winning techniques with you and the effective study tips which may come in handy for your child. You will receive this newsletter via email every 3months.