Getting Committed Tutors From a Singapore Home Tuition Agency

Parents and students want only committed tutors from tuition agencies. However, as much as they would like to recommend committed tutors , they cannot guarantee that all their tutors will be 100% committed due to various difficulties and reasons. From our past experience, below are some of the factors that may affect the suitability and commitment of the tutors :

  • Location
    If a tutor's student lives near his house, the tutor may settle for a lower tuition fee and may be more committed since he is able to cut down on travelling time and thus save on transportation fees.
    It is therefore beneficial for a parent to provide a tuition agency with his or her postal code and/or detailed address, so that the tuition agency can find tutors as near to the parent's residence as possible.

  • Salary
    A tutor's salary may not be the most important of all, but it is significant.
    Tutors who take up a low-paying assignment may not commit for a long period. A tuition rate that is $10-15 less than the market rate may be acceptable to a tutor. However, if a parent pays about $50 less than the market rate, the tutor will most likely not commit for long. He or she may even feel unmotivated towards teaching as well.

It is well known that teaching is a respected profession; and MOE teachers nowadays are well paid by the ministry. So our advice to parents is that: give the tutors out there the rewards they deserve. The popular saying "Good stuff comes at a price" applies in this case as well.

  • Difficult Students
    Usually, tutors want to commit their time to teach students who are keen to learn and improve. Moreover, tutors may not be able to help students who don't wish to help themselves. It takes two hands to clap. So before a parent requests for a change of tutor, he or she should find out whether his child is keen to learn from the child's tutor in the first place. In certain cases, it may not be the tutor's fault at all when there is no academic improvement. So, when a parent request for a tutor from a tuition agency, letting the agency know the character of the child may help the agency in finding the right tutor.