Private 1 to1 or Group Tuition

When you are looking for a tutor for your child is it better for your child to get a private one on one tutor or would they do better in a group environment. This really depends on two things; the first is that you have to assess your childs' personality. Will they do better one on one or with other students. Will tutoring with other students be a distraction for them or will they get the help they need. The second thing to take into consideration is how much help does your child need.

Some students like group tutoring because it is like being in the classroom. They don’t feel so down on themselves because they need extra help because others are getting the same help that they are. Often, that is why parents choose group tutoring because sometimes a child will lose self-esteem because they are falling behind from their class or their friends.. By placing them in a group setting lets them see that they are not alone and other kids need help as well.

The problem with some group tutoring sessions is that they are often grouped with the subject the students are having trouble with. For example, if you have 30 students and 15 of them are having trouble in math. A group tutoring session is set up after school where these 15 students are having trouble with the math being taught.
 The problem lies in the fact that maybe not all 15 students will be having the same trouble in the subject. So effective tutoring may not be what your child is getting. So basically group tutoring is great if the group of kids that need the help all need help in the same things not just the same subject.

Private tutoring will cost more but in the name of your child’s education, price should not be an issue. Getting the perfect tutor is what is important and getting your child the help they need. Private tutors can spend one on one time with your child. They will get a better understanding as to the areas in where your child needs help. Instead of teaching a group of students like a classroom setting, one on one time may be exactly what your child needs.

The students may find group tutoring a distraction because of the other kids. Private tutoring is better as far as a place where there are no distractions and there is only the tutor and the student. Your child may need more help then they would get in a group session, the private tutor can spend more time with your child individually and that may be just what your child needs, specialized help.

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