How To Become A Tutor

You should ask yourself why you want to become a tutor. If you are interesting in becoming a teacher at some point in your life then tutoring is a great start. Most people when asked why they want to become a tutor is that they want to help other people, you have a great flexible schedule, it is a way to meet people and help them achieve their goals.

You can become a tutor at any age but keep in mind that most people who are in the need of a tutor will not hire a tutor who is less than 17 years old. 17 years old may be pushing the envelope a bit but depending on the subject is how the old the tutor may be.

A lot of times in the high school arena, a tutor could be found through an after school program or what they may do is when a student comes to a guidance counselor and they are in the need of a tutor the school will look to honor students to help out the younger classmen. Sometimes high school students will be asked to tutor younger middle school students as well. High school tutors don’t really need any training or anything to become a tutor.

College students are in the same situation; they offer their services in a non-official capacity. They tend to put ads in local high school papers or put flyers up in supermarkets or in the local supermarkets. Many parents like to choose these tutors because they are cheaper than regular centers. But if you want to look for work as a professional tutor then you will have to obtain a tutoring certificate. Not all states are the same so check with your local centers and see what you need to become a tutor. But in most places you need a certification.

There are state run classes are designed to help you get recognized as a tutor. Then some places require that you put hours a tutor so the certification board can see how well you do. It is like being an intern but you are gaining experience and then you take a test and then you will get your certification. If you are choosing to become an independent tutor then you will need to have a list of recommendations from teachers or from other students that you have helped.

Most parents may hire independents more because the rates are cheaper but that goes not mean that you don’t need to show credentials. You can also offer a trail period for free and show the parents that you are help to help their kids. After every successful job always ask for a recommendation, the more they build up the more jobs you will get.

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