What Age Should I get My Child A Tutor

With standardize testing taking over the schools in the last few years; more parents are taking control of their kid’s studies. Some parents jump the gun and get their kids tutors when they get one bad mark. Others wait until it may be too late. Tutors are only really needed when your child is having trouble understanding a subject and you being out of school have no clue what they are doing.

But with parents working more and more hours it is hard to get home from work and sit down with your child for homework at 8:00. That is when your child is generally winding down for the night. So the best option is to get a tutor. The questions remains at what age should I get a tutor. It depends, children of a young age, say around 5 to 7 may have no trouble at all in school. But when they are 7 and older, problems may develop.

More kids are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. In some cases it may be true but in other kids it may be just that they are not interested in the work. Doctors prescribe medications based on the school’s referral. You child may need more discipline in their schoolwork and that is why they are having trouble.

Ask your child what they are having trouble in and then speak to the teacher and see if they are having a hard time in class. It may when the child is home that he does not want to the homework. Try helping the child out with their problem area and then see if they improve over the course of a few weeks and if they still haven’t made the improvement you are looking for then you can hire a tutor or take them to after school tutoring sessions.

There is no age limit as to when your child should get a tutor but take every step you can in order to find out why they are doing so badly. Sometimes, it can be an emotional problem or it can be a personal issue. A tutor is hired to help your child do the work, not to find out why they are failing. It may be something so simple that their teacher can fix it.

But the first step is to pay attention to when you child needs help with their homework. Always check their homework when they are done, if the homework is not done in your presence. It may give you an idea of when they started having problems. It could be helpful when you are looking for a tutor. Sit down with the tutor and make sure they can handle the work before hiring them.

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