Benefits Cost of Tutoring

The basic benefits of tutoring for society are that it improves academic skills, builds self esteem and confidence, develops positive attitude towards school, offers positive role models, improves social skills, slows down truancies and drop out rates.

The actual student being tutored get one on one instruction to fit his learning style, and this student can precede at his own pace. He is free of competition so he can concentrate on improving his knowledge and skills.
The student gets more individual feedback and encouragement. He gets more praise for his improvement. There is also more motivation for self-paced learning and for directing your own learning. This helps to build a sense of accomplishment and s sense of being able to master whatever child wants to tackle. Tutoring also allows extensive practice for the individual student

The student learns to think critically and is then able to analyze concepts in science, math, and art. He learns to master effective study skills.. Tutoring increases the student’s enthusiasm. The student learns organization and discipline.

Tutoring can help an elementary student gain a complete knowledge of the basics. He may need this tutoring to ensure he does have this grasp on the basics because mandatory testing causes teachers to move on to more advanced work in order to try to prepare for this testing.  An individual student may get lost in this testing preparation and not get caught up without tutoring.

The rates for tutoring vary greatly according to what part of the U.S. you’re located in and have to vary in other countries as well, according to what province or area of a country you live in.
The rates here run from $30.00 an hour in Florida to $60.00 to $70.00 an hour in New York. In Canada one tutor makes $50.00 an hour.

The benefits of tutoring are many and that should enter into a parent’s calculations when considering where to get a tutor and what price is fair. But if your budget doesn’t allow a larger fee then try to find a volunteer tutoring service because there are some good ones around.. You may be able to find one in your area, if that fails then search online for volunteer tutors.

You may find a rate that is more suitable for your budget by contacting a local college. Sometimes college students work as tutors. This would allow you to get your child tutored in your home and you can get an idea of what the tutors methods and skill are like and more easily decide if he is the tutor for your child.
The more professional tutoring services offer more options, but if your child just needs a little tutoring in one subject, then an independent tutor from a volunteer group or a college student could suit your needs and possibly save you some money.

Tutoring is an ancient art. Its purpose is to help the student master skills that will enable him to continue individual study. The tutor should have empathy for his student in order to understand him and be able to better guide his study.  Don’t forget this essential ingredient when you look for a tutor.

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